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Old Hollywood Glam

Few days ago, a friend of mine invited me to be a part of his Old Hollywood Shoot. Our model was lovely Michele Love Santoro, and makeup and hair styling was provided by Amy Orona. I had really great time and here’s what I came up with:

btw. Kudos to Ernest for setting this shoot up!

As far as lighting setup goes – 3 Alien Bee strobes were used. Our main light was fitted with custom (designed and made by Ernest) focusable snoot, fill was provided from behind the camera position by large octabank, and hair light was coming from small, gridded stripbox. Hair light was adjusted several times during the shoot, but overall lighting diagram looked like this:

Hollywood Glamour

Hi everybody,
After making my snootogrids some time ago, I decided to utilize them a little bit more in my setups.
At the same time I always wanted to try some Hollywood Glamour photography, and they were just perfect for this : )
Here are few shots and setups from the shoot, where I had pleasure to work with Sylwia and Olimpia.

The idea I had was pretty simple: use hard light as main light (where snootogrid comes in handy), soften the shadows with large umbrella, and put third light on the background to give more separation.


In next two shots I went old school and used white gauze on the lens (to make pictures softer). Other than light light curves adjustment, these are straight from camera jpgs (I set in-camera B&W for few shots):

No gauze here, and picture has more contrast, and clearer edge definition:

Setup for the above:

Here is the effect with no fill light from large umbrella:

Here I used small softbox from the right, and shoot trough umbrella, from below to fill in the shadows. Halo behind her was added in post:

Here – insead large snootogrid, I used my DIY beauty dish, as main light, and added hair light from above:


For those of you looking into Classic Hollywood Portraiture, I recommend this book: Hollywood Portraits – Classic shots and how to make them

and this website:

I found pretty good info there.


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