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Commercial Photoshoot – Acteh

Commercial Photoshoot for an Acteh brand. Photography: Mariusz Jeglinski MUA: Agnieszka Jakubowski ©2017 Mariusz Jeglinski

Product Photography – Juggernaut Tactical

Product Photography Juggernaut Tactical

Few samples of Product Photography I did last year for Juggernaut Tactical. ©2016 Mariusz Jeglinski

Product Photography – Loma Azul Tequila

Product Photography - Loma Azul Tequila

Product Photography – Loma Azul TequilaFew product shots from my recent shoot for Amigos USA – Loma Azul Tequila. PS. Anejo – is delicious! ©2016 Mariusz Jeglinski | @mariuszjeglinski

Product Photography – Graham Father by Public Brü

Graham Father

Graham Father is an e-juice made by public Bru – gourmet e-liquids company from California. I was hired to take product shots for their social media campaign. I don’t smoke, nor vape, so can’t tell much about the product itself. But if it tastes like is smells – it’s gotta be delicious! Photography: Mariusz Jeglinski. […]

Stocke and Sepasyar – The Lookbook

Stocke and Sepasyar

Stocke and Sepasyar Lookbook Photography: Mariusz Jeglinski | Stocke and Sepasyar | ©2015 Mariusz Jeglinski |

3 Business Portraits of Dr. A. Elahi from OC Neurology

business portraits

3 Business Portraits – 3 different looks, of Dr. Ali Elahi from Orange County Neurology.

Commercial / Corporate Portrait Photography

Corporate Portrait Photography

Corporate Portrait Photography First impression is one of the most important things. A client’s decision whether or not do business with you will be at times based on their sense of your professionalism and competence. That is when photographs on your website speak volumes. If you want to seen as professional – you need to […]

Product Photography – Badrock Tactical

Badrock Tactical

Some product photography sexiness with Badrock Tactical – Southern California firearm company, founded by local firearms and outdoor enthusiasts. They specialize in high-end AR platform tactical rifles of all calibers, firearms parts & accessories, and tactical gear.

Car Photography – 2015 BMW 435i Gran Coupe

car photography

Commercial Car Photography Shoot with a brand new 2015 BMW 435i Gran Coupe. Here are few images I wanted to share – of a new toy my friend just got for himself. When planning the shoot we needed to find a good looking, and somewhat quiet location, where nobody would mind us taking some pictures. Then just wait […]